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EZ Shot Wheelchair Basketball

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Wheelchair Basketball

We are proud to help those that are physically challenged and our wounded warriors enjoy the sport of Basketball with EZ Shot® our patented Basketball Return Machine.


1.   Serve our wounded warriors who have sacrificed so much for our          country.

2.   Get at least 1 million physically challenged people to enjoy a
 shooting game in the sport of Basketball during the
         next 3
 to 5 years.

3.  Make EZ Shot Basketball machines accessible throughout the               United States.

4.  Build a team of passionate volunteers with whom we can work              together to meet our goal of reaching 1 million individuals.

Meet our founder 

Craig Jenkins is the inventor of the EZ Shot Basketball Return Machine. He served in the Navy for 4 years and was honorably discharged. He was deeply moved by the sacrifices that our armed forces made for our great country. This led him to invent this machine so that the physically challenged can enjoy a new shooting game that can be played from a wheelchair.

He has been the designer of the machine and the activities since 1985. Fighting vendor bankruptcies and financial hurdles, he has not given up on his dream to make this product a reality. EZ Shot has 3 patents and has testimomal letters from the NWBA and Craig Hospital.

His wife Kimberly stood firmly behind him all these years. With one working machine, he has been able to impact several hundred physically challenged people to enjoy EZ Shot and looks forward to 
impacting hundreds more.


Wheelchair Basketball Events

How will we utilize your donation?

Your donations will be first used to get an additional EZ Shot Basketball Return Machine and accessories. These will be used to conduct events for our wounded warriors and physically challenged individuals. We keep operating costs to a minimum and save money by asking for help whenever possible. 

With one working machine and resource constraints, we are hoping to be able to organize 2 to 3 events per month and reach 50 to 200 physically challenged people.​

We greatly value our volunteers and showcase their contribution to our donors. Our goal is to operate 2 machines and reach 50,000 thousand people in the Denver, Colorado area.  We cannot do this without your help.


EZ Shot Wheelchair Basketball testimonial

Valentino Paige, Kid Player

I like it the machine helps me not have to chase for the ball so much.

EZ Shot Wheelchair Basketball testimonial

Anca Smith, Kid Player

I think its awesome cause no one has to pass you the ball and you can take your time and you practise at the same time.

Wheelchair Basketball player Bryan testimonial

Bryan, Wheelchair Basketball Player

It was a lot of fun. Rapid shooting is great and lot easier than running around and chasing the ball.

Wheelchair Basketball player Alex testimonial

Alex, Wheelchair Basketball Player

It was awesome not having to chase the ball. I see it turn into a game with the 25 shot pattern.

Colorado Hawks testimonial

Colorado Hawks, Youth Basketball Team

The Colorado Hawks have used Mr. Jenkins' services on a number of occasions and has found his machine and the passion for working with the community to be efficient, effective, and truly inspiring.

Peri Gore testimonial

Peri Gore, US West

The EZ Shot game was a huge success with the Olympic athletes ... After working with you on the "Pepsi Center on the road program", it was a pleasure working with you again.


EZ Shot Wheelchair Basketball

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EZ Shot Wheelchair Basketball Inc is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit and all donations are tax deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. Our EIN is 30-0891473.

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